We Transform Your Prospective Solutions into a Reality

Vishnu Panday & Associates Inc., for the past twenty four years, through its relationship with IBM World Trade Corporation, Lenovo, Lexmark, Cisco, Microsoft, Accendi, Innovative Power Systems and various other partners, has been responsible for the introduction of the most advanced technologies to corporate and government clients in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. These technologies, whilst satisfying the requirements of our clients and their customers, also place Guyana alongside other countries that use similar solutions to achieve their business objectives.


We provide products, services and support for our clients who range from the banking, insurance, telecommunication, food and beverages and petroleum industries to government organisations. Our responsibilities also include developing and maintaining quality business relationships between IBM/Lenovo/Lexmark/Cisco/IPS/etc. and our clients in Guyana.

Staffed with a team of highly trained personnel, we provide remote and on-site support to our customers across the regions of Guyana. In addition, we also have at our disposal the greater resources of IBM World Trade Corporation through IBM Trinidad’s office, Lenovo US, IPS Trinidad, Lexmark US, Microsoft and Cisco and other vendors to assist in the resolution of any issues for which we may need additional support.

Our Team

3          Administrative/Marketing Personnel

2          Administrative Personnel

5          Technical Service Representatives

2          Structured Cabling Technicians

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