About Us

Vishnu Panday & Associates Inc has been responsible for the introduction of the most advanced technologies to both corporate and government clients in the Co-Operative Republic of Guyana, These technologies, whilst satisfying our clients and customers needs, also places Guyana alongside other countries that use similar solutions to achieve their business objectives.

Understanding our customers and clientele

Over the past 24 years, Vishnu Panday & Associates Inc can proudly boast of our customer service and support to all of our clients. We aim to deliver for our customers a support structure that is unmatched. Our highly skilled workforce will work tirelessly to make your prospective solutions a reality.

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Business Partners

Vishnu Panday & Associates Inc. have grown and partnered with some of the Leading Companies in Technology around the world. Some of our partners include IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, Lexmark, Tech Data, Intcomex and Microsoft just to name a few.

What we offer

IBM Services

Vishnu Panday & Associates as proud partners with IBM, offer Hardware / Software Solutions, Business Intelligence Applications and IBM Disaster Recovery Consultancy

Backup and Recovery Solutions

We believe data integrity and protection is vital to every organization. Complex Backup solutions can be created alongside the implementation of Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery Sites to Help Minimize your down-time

Lenovo Products and Services

As Proud Partners of Lenovo, We are the authorized Service center and business partner with Lenovo. We offer unmatched warranty and support service for every Lenovo product.

Power Management Solutions

Power Management Solutions are a necessity in today's business world. Our team can provide solutions and consultancy for Power management that may be right for your company.

Network & Endpoint Security

As Partners with Symantec and SOPHOS, we can deliver the highest form of networking and endpoint security

Full List of Services

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Structured Cabling

We offer structured cabling and termination of both Fibre and Copper cables. We are proud to be responsible for Cabling some of the Highest Institutions found in Guyana.

Lexmark Printing Solutions

Through Lexmark, We offer both high end and basic printing services / products. All Lexmark printers under our warranty will be supported and maintained should the need arise.

Networking and Site Connectivity Services

Computer Networking internally and externally have always been a strong suit for us. With our trained professionals, we can integrate and implement complex networking and site connectivity services.

VMWare Virtualization & Microsoft Software

Need a Virtualized Infrastructure? Look no further. Through Partners with ACCENDI, we can assist you in your virtualization needs and support should you need it.

CCTV Surveillance Systems & Analytics

Our CCTV solutions coupled with our ground breaking analytics can help protect and monitor your Business / Home as efficiently as possible using the Best Technology available.

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